2014  Sound Shore Summer                        Lacrosse League Adult Division


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 Click Here for the team Insurance PDF file. Insurance form needs to get to me by July 1 

  • 2014Sound Shore Summer Lacrosse League rules and regulations

    Open Division Master and High School 4 15 -minute running time quarters Last minute in each half stopped time as long as there is less than 3 goal differential.  Penalty time is stopped time. Game time is Sharp! Game clock starts at game time as long as officials are on the field. Teams can start game with as little as 8 players but must have 10 by halftime or the game is over. A team with 8 or 9 players can be 1 man down on each side of field i.e.: 2 attackman or 2 defensemen.  There is the 2-minute automatic stall warning for the team ahead using the college box. When the 2 minute stall warning is in effect so does the 10 second offensive and the 20 second clearing counts become active only for the team ahead. If the score is 3 goals or more with less than a minute to go in the game the clock shall continue to run. One 4 minute Sudden Death overtime will be played in the event of a tie.  If the game is still tied it counts. Timer will provide balls.  Club rules are in effect. Substitution is “on the fly” except after goals or time serving fouls. In “on the fly” substitution a player must leave the field first before his replacement enters the field. 6 long sticks are allowed.   New Rule substitution box now 10 yards each side of mid field. Man down face off team down may not bring player to wing on face off. Hits to the head will be 2 minute non releasable. 2 or more head hits per game will expel player and suspend him from next game. flag down ends when ball comes out of the box or defense gets possession. Goalie does not get 5 seconds to get back into cage.

    D1 and D2 division no 5 goal rule. D3, Master's and High School Division teams behind by 5 or more goals will get the ball at midfield. 

    In Adult division college flag down technique will be used and ends when defense gets control or the ball comes out of the box. The college face off technique is used as well. In high school division modified club rules above will be used. Team have three 30 second  timeouts per game with no more than two a half.

    There will be no fighting tolerated. Any player fighting will be automatically suspended for the next game. Second offenses will lead to expulsion from the league.

    There is absolutely No alcohol allowed at any facilities we use . Please confine your alcohol to after the game and away from the facilities.

     In addition, please clean you bench area after the games. There are garbage cans by all fields. Any team leaving a mess will be fined $25.

  • Teams can have up to 35 players on the roster. Teams can add or drop a player by July 1. Players may play for more than 1 team as long as they are not in the same division. Players must participate in at least 3 games in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

  • Please turn in Roster and Insurance forms by July 1. Click this link to get team waiver

  • Sound Shore Team waiver.pdf

  • Any player under 18 must have a consent form signed by parents before playing. Consent forms link http://www.soundshorelacrosse.com/consent_form.htm

  • Playoffs will all teams who win 3 games must have submitted a roster and sign in at all games will make the playoffs. Separate champions as last year




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